One Day Trip to Semarang

In the end of 2017, finally i was back to my home town Bojonegoro, after more than 6 months. It was totally my real holiday, with 7 days just only for staying at home, got bounded with my big eyes cousin. But i planned long days before, to trying become a solo traveler. Start from a very friendly city, and also just only one way to get Jakarta from Bojonegoro. It is the Vanetie van java, Semarang.
I spent my 24 hours there, and it is simply amazing. Since there, i dedicate to be a solo traveler (newbie). :D . I got Semarang from Bojonegoro by train, it only 2,5 hours. Train is the best transportation for me since i started my life in Jakarta. Semarang Tawang Station is very interesting, for me personally, there is old building and ancient architecture, it is one of the oldest train station in Indonesia. The location is near to many tourism spot in Semarang, and of course we can find many hotel near from tourism area.