Dear Sabah, I miss you....

Kinabalu Mountain
It has been a year and 2 months leave from the most memorable place i ever visited and stayed, Sabah. That was the first time i went abroad, i was 21yo and never traveled overseas before although it's very near from Indonesia (oh, what a pity), i didn't know everything about this country. I just googled and asked my friend that worked there for my preparation. Remember the first step it took after flight in Kota Kinabalu International Airport. One thing that i knew for sure i applied and would work in a construction company for a project named Sabah Ammonia Urea Project.

How my life run in last 12 months

It is almost a year i lost my way to write in this blog, and today i come after a year being a half student and half employee. hehe
I start my life in Jakarta as an ancient in the middle of crazy city, with no family, no friend, and no job (and the last part is the worst). That time i didn't know what would i do to get a job, until i made friend with,, and of course ojek online (such as Uber, Gojek and Grab. Thanks God for created the creator of them). I can't remember how many times i applied the jobs, maybe it is around 500 times until i hired by my company i am working now.