Dear Sabah, I miss you....

Kinabalu Mountain
It has been a year and 2 months leave from the most memorable place i ever visited and stayed, Sabah. That was the first time i went abroad, i was 21yo and never traveled overseas before although it's very near from Indonesia (oh, what a pity), i didn't know everything about this country. I just googled and asked my friend that worked there for my preparation. Remember the first step it took after flight in Kota Kinabalu International Airport. One thing that i knew for sure i applied and would work in a construction company for a project named Sabah Ammonia Urea Project.
Samur Project

I departed in Kota Kinabalu Airport in the morning 7 am approximately, so many things happened after i arrived there. I took a long trip to reached my site project, so far and i enjoyed every meter of it. Arriving in site office, i met my general affair staff - he is Indonesian, and he explained to me about everything i need and the facilities i get, and then accompanied me to see my room.
My company had own temporary facilities building for the employees, we called it camp. the building is very simple, remembering me with my old elementary school building but have good facilities enough, such as cafetaria, mosque, music studio and more. Not bad, but i made bad impression at first, so dusty, very far from the capital city, and i imagined i would meet wild dog every day and more, until i know that there was only 500 meters from the beach. I loved it.

I started work a day after, not many different with my home town, because most of the employees are Indonesians -  and Javaneses. It was good, it made me felt like i was home. I worked with very kind Malaysians, Japaneses, Indians and some Filipinos. Not very difficult to me adapted the work condition, that was not my first time to work in the construction project and had partner came from different countries.
Time flied, i was so close with my Malaysian friends, i visited their home and met their families. They treat me like i am a part of family no matter that i am Indonesian. Apart from the fact that some of Indonesians and Malaysians hate each other, but not me. I love them, i love every pieces of Malaysia.

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