How my life run in last 12 months

It is almost a year i lost my way to write in this blog, and today i come after a year being a half student and half employee. hehe
I start my life in Jakarta as an ancient in the middle of crazy city, with no family, no friend, and no job (and the last part is the worst). That time i didn't know what would i do to get a job, until i made friend with,, and of course ojek online (such as Uber, Gojek and Grab. Thanks God for created the creator of them). I can't remember how many times i applied the jobs, maybe it is around 500 times until i hired by my company i am working now.

I work in weekdays and have classes in weekend. Being an engineering student and working in construction company is out of my expectation. It is hard, of course, it is truly hurt my brain. Some times i though that i have chosen the wrong way, but actually that is the best way i have chosen so i can learn many thing in my work place related my major in university.
It is more than 20 km apart between my workplace and my university, and my school finish in almost midnight, yeah robbery became highest criminal issue in jakarta in last time, so i decide to pay 2 rent rooms - it is very bad for my financial situation, i wish i would have other solution for this.
Having lovely friends is always one thing to be thankful for, although most of my friends are guys. yes, there is only 10% girls in my class. It was my the first day class when i meet them and  then made more than just friendship, so far we are so close for a friend that only meet 8 hours a week, and i can say i can't continue my life without my friends.
Live a life without family make me learn how live independently, although it is not the first time i leave home i learn so many thing, because i'm not only an employee but also a student. i manage and make money by myself, i handle job and study in the same time, i do everything on my own, i learn to make decision for my life, i eat what i want -  as long as i have money to buy. haaha
At least i enjoy every second in my new life. It remains 3 years for me to finish my study, it means i will not leave Jakarta until that time. I wish i could pass it all well.