One Day Trip to Semarang

In the end of 2017, finally i was back to my home town Bojonegoro, after more than 6 months. It was totally my real holiday, with 7 days just only for staying at home, got bounded with my big eyes cousin. But i planned long days before, to trying become a solo traveler. Start from a very friendly city, and also just only one way to get Jakarta from Bojonegoro. It is the Vanetie van java, Semarang.
I spent my 24 hours there, and it is simply amazing. Since there, i dedicate to be a solo traveler (newbie). :D . I got Semarang from Bojonegoro by train, it only 2,5 hours. Train is the best transportation for me since i started my life in Jakarta. Semarang Tawang Station is very interesting, for me personally, there is old building and ancient architecture, it is one of the oldest train station in Indonesia. The location is near to many tourism spot in Semarang, and of course we can find many hotel near from tourism area.

I booked one room of a hostel in Kota Lama Area 2 days before. Transport fee to reach the hostel is only IDR 4.000 by Online Ojek from Tawang station. For your information, i always use Online Ojek in my all day trip. He picked me up at 9 pm from Semarang to my hostel. It is DS Layur hostel, basically capsule hotel but develop in to general hotel. I checked in on 9 pm, and check out in the next day 7 am. Luckily, i could entrust my stuffs there. Of course i didn't want to bring my extra bag belong to me while i was walking around the city.
I started a travel from kota lama, i got there on foot. It's only around 500 meters, and i really enjoyed it. These following are some destination that i took during my trip.

Kota Lama Semarang

 It such as very beautiful morning sitting there with a cup of coffee. A little similar with Bandung right ?, just my opinion.

Some gravity art
 It just so amazing old architecture, it is so stunning. We will never get boring while taking our feet around here and taking some pictures. There is many visitor for photo hunting, jogging and many more. Another spot is "Blenduk" church, an icon of this place, i suddenly became in love with this building.

Blenduk church

Lawang Sewu 

Next destination is Lawang Sewu, what do you think if you hear about lawang sewu ? i guess there is some mystical thing on your mind, related with some horror story or even movie. But when you entering this place. It will out of your expectation, there is so many visitor, live music and many more.

In the past time, lawang sewu is an office ot Dutch East Indies Railway Company. Lawang Sewu is came from javanese language means thousands doors. Lawang sewu has so many doors that i can't counted it. One more, i love this building very much. You have to pay IDR 10.000 for the ticket.
Part of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia
Sam Poo Kong Pagoda

 Another amazing destination is Sam Poo Kong Pagoda, a chinese Pagoda which became a tourism destination in Semarang. I came there in the right time. There is Barong Sai Show, and culinary festival. You have to pay IDR 28.000 for entrance ticket for all package.
Barong Sai Live Show

Grand Maerakaca 
The last place is Grand Maearakaca, a Central Java Mini Park, which have same concept with Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta. There is central java miniature, complete with traditional house of each districts in Centra Java. For me, it is the best place, with a mangrove park and other many instagramable spot.

Traditional House of Kabupaten Karanganyar

Maerakaca cafe

Mangrove Park

Many love stories here

 I stayed here till dawn, it is also good place for family time. It is good for children to get knowledge of central java geography and its region.
After visited that places, i went to Pandanaran street to buy some souvenirs and foods before taking check in on my train to Jakarta.
It is very easy to taking place by place in Semarang, there is many public transportation. Such as Bus Trans Semarang, Online Ojek, angkot and more. It is around IDR 5000 - 7000 by ojek to get place by place. I very recommended to use Online Ojek, why ? Online Ojek driver in Semarang are very friendy. They will tell you and even give you food or tourism recommendation during your trip.Ojek Online is the best tourism ambassador. I feel so "javanese" here, with all javanese people and attitude, makes me feel safe and comfortable.